Start. Grow. Exit


unspecified-2My professional background includes several positions between 1989 and 2000 with Servo Data – a leading Austrian consulting company at that time – including Project Leader, Head of Profit Centre and Business Executive. Servo Data was sold to CSC by the end of the nineties. I was not one of the founders of Servo Data, but I helped successfully growing the company from a few dozens of people to a few hundred and managed the post-acquisition process.

Between 2000 and 2006, I held the position of Executive of Industry and Trading and was a member of the Executive Management of CSC Austria.

In 2006, I founded my own business – – and built it into becoming one of the leading players in the e-signature market in Europe with an international distribution network in Europa, America and Asia. I successfully sold the company at the end of 2015 to Namirial.

After I sold my company, many people approached me to share my insights about my journey with a Central European startup with them. In this blog, I will try to answer some questions that I frequently get and post about topics that I consider useful for CEO’s and executives of software companies.

Upcoming post:  Can you afford to fail?


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